Where They Truly Got Their Start

By | January 26, 2015

Some actresses get their starts in a less glamorous way than others. Some get noticed in theaters or just by talent scouts, some get noticed due to schooling specifically for acting, and then there are these lovely ladies. Sasha Grey, Traci Lords, Qi Shu, and Sibel Kekilli are only a few actresses who got their start as adult film actresses. These are the Hollywood Porn Stars.

Sasha Grey is currently one of the most famous pornographic actresses in the world. There are very few people who don’t at least know her name, whether they watch adult films or not. Recently Sasha has broken into the mainstream and not just done porn. Her earliest non-adult role was on the TV show Entourage. She was playing herself for six episodes of the show, and has done some non-adult roles since. She was a voice in the video game Saints Row: The Third as well as playing Raven in the psychological thriller Blackstone. It is unknown if she plans to continue doing non-adult work.

One of the more famous past-porn stars is Traci Lords. One of her earliest works in the mainstream movie business was co-starring with Johnny Depp in the film Cry-Baby in 1990. Since then Traci has done many TV shows and movies, including a bit part on Married With Children, The Tommyknockers, Melrose Place, Zach and Miri Make a Porno, and Devil May Call. Traci hasn’t done much in the way of adult films since the 1980’s.

Qi Shu isn’t known for a lot of mainstream roles, she’s best known for her role opposite Jason Statham in The Transporter. While she has been in quite a few films and shows since, none have been very wide-spread.

Another one-shot actress, at least in the USA, is Sibel Kekilli. Most know her as Shae from the popular HBO series Game of Thrones, in which she plays a woman of the night hired by Tyrion Lannister. Most of her other videos and TV shows, including her adult-film work, are in German and have not spread quickly through the States. She’s currently in the German police show Tatort.

While it’s not pornography as we think of it today, actress Cameron Diaz got her start through what is debated between sex-tape and pornography. Long before she was the famous woman we know her as today, she was having sex on camera. She is truly a Hollywood Porn Star.