The Practice of Tantra Mantras

By | August 7, 2014

If you have heard of mantras in Tantra, but are not sure of what they are or why they are used, this brief introduction to the practice of Tantra mantras should clear things up.


Mantra means in Sanskrit language, ‘liberation of the mind’ referring to the techniques employed, known as Mantra Yoga. Mantra Yoga is according to the yoga tradition, a valid way to obtain liberation (Moksha) (see note 1). A widely accepted classification is to be of five kinds viz. Pinda, Kartari, Bija, Mantra and Mala. This classification takes into account the number of syllables, thus for the Bija Mantra there are three to nine syllables. Basically the tantric Mantras are Bija Mantras with some rare exceptions when the number of syllables could be more or less than the usual range. This article is mainly about Bija Mantras. Read more

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