Talking about marriage problems

By | February 9, 2021

Upton Park escorts seem to be getting their fair share of marriage problems these days. A lot of their recent dates have been men and women who have been married for a long time but still aren’t happy. The majority of Upton Park escorts of that we spoke to did not feel that they were equipped to deal with the situation.


One of the Upton Park escorts called our offices here at the Better Sex guide, and asked if Dr. Annie Bliss was available. She was not in that day but immediately called the Upton Park escorts the next day. Dr. Bliss went off to meet the Upton Park escorts for coffee to see if we could possible help out. Better Sex is happy to help out both with sex tips and relationship advice, and Dr, Bliss agreed with the Upton Park escorts that she would write an article.

Help! I have been married for 45 years and I am not happy.

What is happiness? Let me ask you if you set down at some point in your life, and defined happiness. Happiness may not be a state of mind, it may be a definition of who we are and what we are about. At some point in your life, you should try to find your own definition of happiness.

If you are not sure what makes you happy, you really need to do some soul searching. Find out what makes you happy, and stick to it. Before I got married I was happy, and I knew what I wanted. I met a guy who made me even happier. Yes, we have had some tough times in our life together, but we have not been unhappy.

What caused us concern was outside factors, and we had to change our lives and move to a different country.

What causes unhappiness?

Unhappiness can be caused by many different things. My husband was unhappy to move and so was I, but we knew that moving somewhere else would give us greater freedom. We would have more freedom to do the things that we wanted, and that would make us happy.

Unhappiness is often caused by concerns and worries about money and other factors in life. So, ask yourself what you are worried about?

At the moment, I am not worried about anything so I would say that I am happy. However, I do know that I will have concerns and worries but resolving them will make me happy again.

Are you not happy with your partner?

If that is true, your partner may be as miserable as you are and you should do something about it. Starting over again when you are older is difficult, and I have only been married for 14 years this year. I am happy because we have a lot of times together as a family. We do a lot of fun things, and we both have good jobs.

Are you sure you are not happy? Find out what your definition of happiness is before you jump. Being unsure of what you want from life will haunt you always, if you don’t what it is you want from life.