Should you risk falling in love with your dates?

By | February 7, 2018

What is the biggest professional hazard of working for London escorts? When I first started to escorts in London  escorts, I had not expected to fall in love with any of my dates at the escort agency in London. But like all escorts in London will probably tell you, it is one of the hazards that you may have to live with when you work as an escort. At first I thought it all had to do with looks, but that is not true. Most of the time it is personality.

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How should you handle the situation? Well, don’t kid yourself and think that your gent can’t tell. Most of them can tell and some even like to take advantage of the situation. I did not think about it at first, but when I accidentally bumped in a gent I fancied when I was out shopping on a Saturday, I soon learned that getting personally involved is one of the worst things that you can do. We ended up having coffee and that was it. Since that Saturday he has never been to see me at London escorts, and has become my Sugar Daddy instead.

Now I am really careful. If I bump into any of my London escorts dates on the street. I just say hello and move on. I can only handle one Sugar Daddy and being a little bit in love with him makes it worst. But then again, I am glad for his attention. Having a relationship when you are a professional escort is not the easiest thing in the entire world and I like the fact that my very special Sugar Daddy likes to look after me.

I know girls at London escorts who have left the London escorts service when they have fallen in love with a gent. In other words, they have left with the gent in questions. Most of the time it is just infatuation on behalf of the gentleman or the girl, and the relationship ends after a short while. It is one of the worst case scenarios that you will come across when you are an escort. You will have to get another job and you may even end up with nowhere to live. I have had several girls sleeping on my sofa which this has happened to at the escort service I work for here in West London.

Working for London escorts is fine, but you have to appreciate that it is a very personal service. It is one of things that you must not get to you. That is easy to say, and it helps if you have some experience. I know how to back away now, but it can be heart breaking at times. There are some lonely gentlemen out there in London, and they tend to be the sweetest gents as well. Saying no to personal dates with them can be very hard. One thing is for sure, you should never go on a date with a gent who wants you to meet his family. That is really bad news, and before you know it, he is probably telling everyone you are his girlfriend.