Should Man be treated the same as woman

By | October 4, 2017

How do you feel if you got a girl pregnant, how do you feel about maybe not having any say on whether you become a father or not asked by the girls from Belgravia Escorts?

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He should had a say when I put it in her.

He feel like every time they have sex with someone his like, “I’m risking becoming a dad.” It’s a thing that you think about like he feel like ultimately you are right. It’s the woman’s decision. How would they feel though if you became a father kind of without having any say in it?

So my opinion is that if you do become pregnant it should be a joint decision and you should talk about what you’re going to do but ultimately the woman has veto.

I think that’s a really good way of putting it. She could put her foot down and go no. So he would express his concerns to the woman but he would at the same time be like ultimately whatever you decide he will support you said by the girls from Belgravia Escorts.

What would you do if he wanted it and she decides to get rid? Accept that and move on with my life. Ok, so here’s something that I’ve observed in society just from having friends. It’s a lot more accepted if a straight woman wants to experiment sexually with another woman. Like she could do that and society will still accept her as straight but then, I think, if a straight man wants to fool around with another man but he’s like, “Oh i’m still straight. I was just experimenting.” Or it was like, you know a curious kind of thing. I think society would very much be like, Nope you’re gay now.

This is such a complicated question to unpack because that like goes into beliefs about female sexuality and male sexuality throughout time. some messed around with a guy while  they were at school or at work and that where they figured out (for some) that actually they aren’t into it.

Just like me, I’ve like messed around with women and I’m like, that was fun, but I’m pretty sure I’m straight.

What made you do that? Was it like curiosity or were you a bit drunk?

So I know a guy actually who was in a relationship with a woman for seven years and then they broke up and a couple of years later he’s now very very happy with a man and he’d never considered himself gay or even bisexual. He just met a person and was like, “Oh, I’m so attracted to you.”, and now they’re really happy together.

We’re not coming to conclusions on these answers

I think these kind of things are just things that we should talk about, especially men should talk about.