My Secret Admirer

By | October 25, 2017

What is going on at Soho escorts? This morning when I turned up at my Soho escorts boudoir, I
found a bunch of roses left by the door. It was rather a large bunch and it was not the first time it had happened. I was rather surprised to yet again to find a surprise by my door. It had happened on a couple of occasions now, and I was not sure what to make of it. I picked up the bunch of roses, and put them in my own and only vase at the escort agency.

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I had other things left by my door as well. Last week, I had find a very nice box of chocolates left at my door. There was not a note or anything like that, all there was a box of chocolates. I started to believe that the gent leaving me all of these little gifts, was a gent I dated at Soho escorts. After all, not all gents I met at Soho escorts, knew that Godiva chocolates was my favorite make of chocolates.

The week before that, I had found a lovely scarf left outside the door. I love scarves and I often wear them when it gets a little bit colder. I am sure that a lot of the gents I date at Soho escorts have seen me in my scarves, but I do not spend a fortune on my scarves. This scarf was a very expensive scarf and it must have cost someone a lot of money. Without hesitation I added it to the rest of my collection of scarves at home, and enjoyed it for what it was.

The most expensive gift which has so far been left outside Soho escorts, is a necklace. It was accompanied by a small bunch of flowers, but there was no note inside. The necklace was a chain of butterflies so the person giving it to me must have known that I liked butterflies. It felt strange to accept someone as valuable as that and not knowing where it came from. It was clear that I very much had a secret admirer at Soho escorts.

Would I like to know who my secret admirer is? In a way I would love to know who my secret admirer is, but on the other hands, I am not so sure that I would like to know who it is. If you like, I think that I would feel rather obliged towards the gent, so perhaps it is better not to know who it is. I am just appreciating his expressions of love and dedication as a big thank you. Am I still dating him? I don’t know if I am or not, but one thing is for sure, I do enjoy the small gifts that he is bringing me. Every time I find anew gift outside my door, I thank my lucky stars. The value of the gifts don’t really matter, what matters is the thought of the gifts. Clearly I am on somebody’s mind all of the time.