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5 Cunnilingus Techniques Everyone Should Try

Although there are many cunnilingus techniques, these are five that everyone should try, according to Svetlana Ivanova. For many women, oral sex is the most reliable way for them to achieve orgasm with a partner. Not surprisingly, it was rated the most popular lesbian sexual practice, according to at least one sex survey. Since most… Read More »

How Could Tantric Massage Boost Your Relationship?

Find out how Tantric massage can not only heal, but also boost your relationship. I used to think Tantric Massage was only for professionals who want to offer sexological bodywork to clients for a living. However, then I discovered it has another incredible potential that not so many people consider. It is an absolutely amazing tool… Read More »

Live Longer by Harnessing the Power of Jing

Azriel ReShel reveals how to live longer by harnessing the power of jing. No subject raises more interest, attention and controversy, than sex. Us humans, we love sex. Popular media cashes in on this, with magazines, movies and shows exploring mojo boosting sexual mystery and power. But what about the bedroom secrets of Tantric masters?… Read More »

Psychic Powers: How to Develop the Siddhis

Meditation teacher Richard Crown reveals how you can develop the siddhis, or yogic psychic powers, safely. Siddhis are psychic powers, for example: Do you want abundance in your life? Do you want your Third Eye open and working? These two powers are very attractive. The quest for them draws many people into meditation workshops. However,… Read More »

10 Tantalizing Tantric Sex Tips

These ten tantalizing Tantric sex tips can supercharge your love life. You will never run out of options when it comes to sex. Sex experts and enthusiasts each have their own methods of making every sexual experience both pleasurable and out of this world – in a good way. However, sex is not as easy… Read More »

Your Daily Route to MASTERY Through Breath

 Arthur Samuel Joseph reveals the daily route to mastery – through breath. In today’s busy world, can you truly have time to master anything? You can if you start with an element as simple as your breath. Have you seen the 2012 action film “Act of Valor”? Read more

Tantric Sex: The Beginners Guide to Awaken Your Sexuality

Use this guide to tantric sex to learn it all and experience the most explosive sexual experience that could awaken your hidden sexual energy, says Jana Snow. Sex is fun, but can you take it to a higher plane of sexual ecstasy and emotional connection? Tantric sexuality can help you achieve all that, and it’s… Read More »

5 Yoga Positions That Help Erectile Dysfunction

Personal trainer Daniel Bubnis suggests five yoga poses to help erectile dysfunction. Practising yoga on a daily or a frequent basis may help men overcome erectile dysfunction (ED), according to experts. They say the relaxing, ancient practice is an effective alternative to medicine that works because the condition is often psychological. Researchers from Sri Dharmasthala… Read More »

Mindful Sex Practices for Increasing Pleasure and Connection

Dr. Richard Chambers and Margie Ulbrick reveal how powerful mindfulness practices can increase pleasure, connection, and consciousness. Think about the best sex you have ever had. Go on—let yourself really relive the experience! Take a moment to remember what it felt like in your body, what emotions were evoked and what was happening in your… Read More »